To Wendy, Thank you so much for all you did in covering every detail for us in relation to Mary’s funeral of 12 February! And in such a sensitive and attentive way too – you are to be commended on the personal touch and the dignity in which you conducted and presented yourself. There may not have been many of us there, but we all noticed and appreciated that. Please pass on our thanks to your accompanying team also who were most helpful and courteous to me when the 3 of us from Dorset arrived in the car park.

I gather from speaking to my cousin Michael today, that family members who watched online valued the opportunity to do so and are grateful to the Crematorium staff for that facility. The beautiful single red rose which you passed onto me as we were leaving, which had separated itself from the rest, now stands proudly in a single rose vase in my lounge. Thank you for that touch too.

You have a ministry of comfort and support in the lives of so many people at a time when it is helpful to have someone who is not so close to them personally but still has their best interests at heart. Thank you for what you do, and more especially, how you do it.