Arranging a Funeral

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Bakers Funeral Services are here to arrange the perfect tribute for your loved one, bringing people together to express sadness of their loss, whilst celebrating your loved one and paying tribute to the life they lived, their achievements and the memories and love they leave behind.

We will arrange all aspects of the funeral to help ensure it all goes smoothly – from arranging the date and time with the church, crematorium, cemetery or woodland, to arranging the floral tributes and printed Order of Service.

As part of the donations collection service we offer, we provide an “In Memory Page” which will be personalised for your loved one. The In Memory Page will include an obituary, photographs, information on your chosen charity, details and location of the service, and an opportunity for all friends and family to leave their message of condolence, as well as make a donation. This service is provided free of charge by Bakers Funeral Services.

As independent Funeral Directors, we enjoy more flexibility to enable us to personalise your funeral and offer competitive funeral packages.

Here are some points you might find helpful to consider.

  • Burial or cremation?
  • Green or woodland funeral?
  • Religious or non-religious service?
  • Where will we hold the service?
  • What sort of music – pre-recorded or hymns and organ?
  • Printed order of service?
  • Where will the cortege start from?
  • Do we want following cars, how many will they seat?
  • A traditional coffin or something different?
  • Newspaper announcement and acknowledgement?
  • Donations to charity?
  • Floral tributes?
  • Final resting place of cremated remains?
  • Do we want a stone memorial?
  • Ministers, Priests, other speakers?

Whatever your decision, we are here to help you make the right decision for you. Please do not hesitate to contact us on 01245 221100.



Mrs G – Danbury, Chelmsford

Wendy, I would like to thank you for all of your attention to detail whilst arranging the funeral and on the day of the funeral for the undivided attention you gave my elderly Nan who had lost her husband. The service you and the Bearers provided on the day was so professional and seamless. Thank you for your thoughtfulness and the extra little things you did. I know you went that extra mile to provide a special funeral for my beloved Grand Father and to make sure the day went as well as possible for my Nan and family. As the funeral took place during National lockdown, family members and friends who were not able to attend due to travel restrictions watched the service via the webcast. They appreciated being part of the service, even though they couldn't be there in person. Family and friends were also able to give donations and leave messages on my Grandad's memorial page on the Bakers Funerals website. I happily recommend Bakers Funeral Services to anyone.

Mrs B – Bicknacre, Chelmsford

May I please thank you and all of your staff with a very sincere “thank you” for the sympathetic, understanding and very professional manner in which not only the arrangements but also the funeral was carefully conducted. The whole family not only here but also in the USA is indebted to you. Also Wendy the Funeral Director was above sympathetic, understanding and extremely professional.

Mrs D – Dorset

To Wendy, Thank you so much for all you did in covering every detail for us in relation to Mary's funeral of 12 February! And in such a sensitive and attentive way too - you are to be commended on the personal touch and the dignity in which you conducted and presented yourself. There may not have been many of us there, but we all noticed and appreciated that. Please pass on our thanks to your accompanying team also who were most helpful and courteous to me when the 3 of us from Dorset arrived in the car park. I gather from speaking to my cousin Michael today, that family members who watched online valued the opportunity to do so and are grateful to the Crematorium staff for that facility. The beautiful single red rose which you passed onto me as we were leaving, which had separated itself from the rest, now stands proudly in a single rose vase in my lounge. Thank you for that touch too. You have a ministry of comfort and support in the lives of so many people at a time when it is helpful to have someone who is not so close to them personally but still has their best interests at heart. Thank you for what you do, and more especially, how you do it.

Revd Canon Crawford

I am a retired Vicar with 33 years' experience of working with Funeral Directors. On 6th February I took a funeral at Chelmsford Crematorium. Wendy Bingley was your staff member who made all the necessary arrangements. I was a very impressed with how she introduced herself when she telephoned, and her sensitivity when liaising with the family, whom I have known for some 20 years. Wendy's thoughtfulness and efficiency in keeping me informed at every stage was much appreciated. All the arrangements were perfect.  

Mrs M – Boreham, Chelmsford

I wanted to let you know how much we appreciated all of your assistance, patience and hand holding. You were so professional. The day, if you can use the word ‘lovely’ was indeed lovely.  Everything ran so smoothly and everyone we came into contact with at Bakers Funeral Services were amazing.   

Mrs M – Little Baddow

I would like to thank the staff of Bakers in Danbury for their excellent service, sensitivity and compassion at a difficult time for us. I will certainly recommend Bakers Funeral Services to those in need of funeral arrangements.

Mrs S – Hatfield Peveral

Thank you so much for all your help in this past year with all the things you have done with Mum's funeral, grave etc. We very much appreciate it as I am sure you had to deal with more questions than normal! You have been very kind, helpful and very good at helping with the masonry side also.

Mr and Mrs B – Little Baddow

Dear All, I am writing to say a huge thank you from me and all the family. You all are so tender and kind. The help that you all give at such a difficult time is worth more than gold, believe me. With heartfelt thanks.

Mr Harvey – Norfolk

I just wanted to thank you for all that you did to ensure the smooth-running of the funeral of my father. Everything went beautifully, as I was sure that it would. Those messages that you and Rev Rose and I shared filled me with confidence and that was well founded. Thank you also for the recommendation regarding the caterers. There wasn't a person there that did not seem amazed by the quantity and quality of the food. I know that mother was pleased how well it all worked out and she was anxious for me to also extend her thanks to you.

Mrs R – Cornwall

It was such a great comfort to me to know my son was being looked after by such professional people……..for all your help and support in dealing with the funeral of my son.

Mr D – Danbury

I would like to express my thanks for the way that Bakers conducted the arrangements for my mother’s funeral. You and your staff were most considerate and helpful and I am most grateful.

Mrs North

Thank you so much for everything. We will arrange to pick up the ashes in the coming weeks.

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