Cemetery & Churchyard Memorials

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Our memorials come in many different shapes. Should you have your own design in mind, we are happy to accommodate this, subject to local authority rules and regulations.

Personalising a memorial is becoming a popular option and can give a memorial more meaning than words alone. Designs can be incised onto the stone, left natural, enamelled or gilded in the same way as lettering. Natural decoration tends to work well with darker stones.

There are many fonts available for use, from traditional to more contemporary. Traditionally letters are carved by hand, cut by computer or sand blasted with a stencil.

If you are having a memorial made for a churchyard, do not hesitate to call us and/or your local vicar, as there are strict rules on what is permitted.

Here is a small selection:

To discuss your options in more detail and receive a no obligation quotation, please do not hesitate to call 01245 221100.